Jinji Resources committed to securing Australian and Asian mineral resources and to playing our part in the supply of resources to Japan and Asia.

We aim to become a global player in the supply of mineral resources.

Jinji Resources was established in 2007 as a Japanese-run Australian resources company. Although in Australia resources companies jointly operated by Japanese trading houses and metals companies do exist, there are virtually no other independently operated Japanese companies such as ours. Jinji Resources was established in the belief that, following the temporary resources downturn resulting from the slump in development during the global recession that started in the latter half of 2007, a global resources shortage was inevitable as rapid economic development rebounded in countries such as China, India and countries in South East Asia and the Middle East.

It is well known that Japan relies for almost all of its resources on overseas, and that until now resources development has been controlled mostly by interests in those resource-rich countries. However, this global downturn has now provided us with an opportunity to become directly involved in operations. Jinji Resources became committed to gaining a full understanding of Australian mineral resource companies and entered into serious discussions about the possibilities for cooperation. This led to capital investment in the as yet unlisted company, Kimberley Metals, and then to participation in its operations planning. We plan to make other advances into resources companies in Australia’s high-quality minerals sector.

Our aim is to become a leading resources company in Asia in the near future.