May 2007 Attends the annual general meeting of The Association Of Mining and Exploration Companies(AMEC) in Perth and develops a close relationship with the operators of a junior mining company
Dec 2007 Jinji Australia Pty Ltd is established
Jan 2008 Commences investment in ASX listed resource companies
Jul 2008 Participates in the Uranium Conference Perth (Uranium Resource)
Aug 2008 Exchanges information and builds relationships with banks, major trading companies and mining companies
Oct 2008 Joins The Association Of Mining and Exploration Companies(AMEC)
Nov 2008 Invests in Kimberley Metals to become a 20% shareholder
Dec 2008 Changes company name from Jinji Australia to Jinji Resources Pty Ltd
Commences business as a mining company. and also joins Kimberley Metals management
Jan 2009 Meets with directors of JOGMEC and Toho Zinc (Kimberley Metal’s largest shareholder) to exchange ideas and establish a strong relationship
Mar 2009 Visits the Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of The State Council, Sinosteel, Shougang Huaxia International and Tianjin Materials & Equipments Group
Apr 2009 Visits MINCO, CANTCIMEXTAI and NGUYEN CORP resource and mining companies in Vietnam. In Cambodia, meets with the resources minister & Gold mining company Southern Gold
May 2009 Attends 2009 AMEC Conference and meets with W.A Resource Minister
Oct 2010 Invests in Kidman Resources Ltd to become a shareholder